In relationships when great sex (or any intimacy at all) is a distant memory, communication becomes stuck, and a feeling of closeness is longed for again, these become signs that a different approach is needed to end the frustration and renew aliveness. The desire for intimacy, to feel connected, and to matter are key aspects of who we are as human beings.

With a specialization in clinical sex therapy and sex addiction, I work with people on challenges surrounding sexual intimacy, increasing sexual desire and function, sexual compulsivity, exploring sexual lifestyles, infertility support, and gender identity. I also assist people working through challenging life transitions, grief and loss, and spiritual emergence (awakening).

As a relationship counsellor, I help individuals, couples and families build healthy, relationships within themselves and with those around them, focusing on improving connection, communication, and conflict resolution through mindfulness and emotional regulation strategies. I welcome people from all walks of life, in monogamous and open relationships, straight and LGBTQ+, and am kink friendly.