Do you find yourself thinking “How did we become strangers to each other?  This isn’t what I expected my relationship to be like.”

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around your spouse or partner, wanting to avoid the inevitable conflict that arises when certain issues have to be dealt with….AGAIN.

Is it difficult to know what to say in the heat of a moment, and so you either shut down or erupt into arguing with things being said that are later regretted?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were on the same team for once, if I could feel my spouse or partner actually had my back (and I could have his or her back too).

It is a myth that great relationships are clear of conflict.  By virtue of us being human, there will be divergent views, and yes, conflict.  The closer and more meaningful relationships are, the more importance they hold, and the more there is at stake when there is conflict.  Thus, in primary relationships it is essential to work with differences and emotions in a healthy, and ultimately growth-producing way for relationships to flourish.

Relationship counselling with Mary-Jean acknowledges what isn’t working in order to balance to the relationship as well as what IS working well in order to build on those strengths.  Mary-Jean’s approach to relationship counselling is strength-based with a balance of strategies for skill-building and insight orientation.

When couples come in, they usually know quite well what isn’t working.  Mary-Jean’s gift is in helping couples begin developing an awareness of what does work, expanding that into the challenging aspects of the relationship, and supporting couples to find creative and reliable ways to negotiate and resolve complex aspects.

Couples counselling involves learning how to communicate needs more effectively, how to listen more closely, and cultivate a greater empathy toward one another.

What if my partner doesn’t want to participate?

Although it is most ideal when both are committed to making changes in the relationship–significant changes can be made even if therapy is done with only one person.

Many times, relationship counselling starts out with an Individual and after a little while, the other person will want to or be willing to participate.

We are considering divorce, can you still help?

Yes, there is reason to hope regardless of what has happened in your past–or for how long.  Mary-Jean has helped many couples on the brink of divorce see their way through their differences and come back together to form even stronger relationships.  For other couples, counselling helps to calmly discuss problems and to move through a more healthy and civil break up and divorce.  Life will be full of challenges; it is however everyone’s choice whether to create more pain, or move beyond to a place of peace of mind.

Specific concerns Mary-Jean works with couples on:

  • Affairs, relationship infidelity and trust concerns
  • Anxiety and depression within a relationship
  • Anger within a relationship
  • Communication and negotiation strategies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conscious uncoupling, when that is the best solution
  • Couples on the brink of divorce
  • Codependence within relationships
  • Dating after divorce
  • Deepening emotional intimacy
  • Divorce prevention and recovery
  • Falling back into love
  • Family Therapy
  • Infertility struggles
  • LGBTQ relationships
  • Non-sexual marriages
  • Overcoming obstacles to intimacy
  • Open relationships, hooking up, and polyamory
  • Premarital counselling
  • Reigniting desire
  • Spiritually conscious relationships
  • Working with different love languages

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