Mary-Jean Malyszka  MA, RPsych(prov), DAACS

        Registered Provisional Psychologist

        Diplomate, American Board of Sexology

“Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field…

I’ll meet you there”


Supporting healthy, vibrant relationships for individuals, couples, and families


Transitions and change are a normal part of life.  Nature continuously displays this change, reminding us there are many different seasons to our lives.

It is when we become stuck or where we are in our life is no longer serving us in its current form that we look to find a way through it, to stop our suffering, to feel alive once again.

As a relationship counsellor, I help individuals, couples and families build healthy, conscious relationships within themselves and with those around them, focusing on improving communication and conflict resolution  strategies through mindfulness and deep listening.


With a specialization in clinical sex therapy and sex addiction, I assist people with issues around sexual and love compulsivity, sexual intimacy, increasing sexual desire and function, and gender identity transition.


I also assist individuals, couples, and families with working through challenging life transitions involving spiritual emergence (awakening), grief and loss, and substance abuse.



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This is an affirmative space for all expressions of relationship, sexuality and gender.

Contact Information:

1407 10 Street SW.,

Calgary, AB  T2R 1E7

Phone: 403.305.9083


&  403.305.9083